XHappy Wishaversary

                It's time for Shimmer, Shine, and Leah to celebrate their Wishaversary! Leah's thrilled to celebrate their friendship!

                Shimmer and Shine: 'Happy Wishaversary'
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                XClimbing Mount Move-a-Lot

                When Trinket needs to get past a canyon on Mount Move-a-Lot, Nella comes up with a briliant idea!

                Nella: Climbing Mount Move-a-Lot
                XSuper Search

                Let’s search for some hidden shapes with Blaze and the Monster Machines! First, your super searcher will be asked to select a monster machine friend. Each monster machine leads kids to a different level where they’ll learn about a shape and then they’ll have to go on a super search for that shape! There are three levels, and in each level kids will have to search a scene and tap on objects that are shaped like circles, triangles, or rectangles. If players can find and tap on all the shapes, they'll earn stars! Kids can also play again and again to search for MORE shapes in every scene.

                Age: 3-6

                Blaze and the Monster Machines: Super Search
                XMoving the gnome

                Kiva and Saul are on an adventure to find the hidden treasure. In order to proceed their journey, they will have to move a giant gnome!

                Kiva Can Do: Moving the gnome
                XRain, Rain Go Away

                Watch Max and Ruby sing along to this classic rainy day song while they wish for sunnier days and blue skies!

                Max and Ruby: Rain, Rain Go Away
                XMax's Halloween/Ruby's Leaf Collection/The Blue Tarantula

                Max wants to be something scary for halloween, but Ruby would rather have him a prince to go with her costume.?// Ruby starts a collection of leaves.?// Max wants Ruby to read him a scary story, but later is up all night in fear of the blue tarantula.?

                Full Episode

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